Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chocolate mousse!!!

What a mess! This was the first time I gave Jess the pot and the spoon and let her get on with it!

MOUSSE Sorry it's so dark - was filmed in the evening and the tv was flickering!


Marja said...

LOL!! Looks like Noemie with her yogurt. I make her wear a bib though, one of those rubber ones with a catching tray bit! If it gets too messy I grab the spoon back too. I should let her get on with it but I struggle with food all over the place!

Carla said...

Too cute, Jo! She's adorable! She was doing pretty well, too-until she turned the spoon over-I'll bet it was all down hill after that!!

Trish said...

awww Jo, bless!!!
no probs re the bottles, I had forgotten lol
ps do you have my new(ish) ady hun???

Anonymous said...

Flipping brilliant Jo :) xx