Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing to show today

Been one of those days where I haven't made it to my little crafting corner at all!

Started off with the kids having long leisurely baths after breakfast as they never managed to get one last night and then we pulled out the dining room table, extended the drop-leaves and they got crafty LOL. The boys did a scrapbook layout each (with a bit of help) and Jess did her "dawing" with "sills" (yes - drawing with pencils). I haven't scanned their LOs yet so when I do that tomorrow I'll upload them here.

That took us up til lunchtime, then Jess had a nap while Jamie started making Christmas cards and Matthew was sewing mini felt Christmas stockings. I'd bought the kits at about 75% off in Tesco just after New Year and still have loads of other ones for them to make.

After Jess woke up we dashed to the local Lidl to get some chicken for me to use in the stir-fry tonight and then back home to tidy up the mess and a few games of bowling on the Wii.

Jess found her bowl from lunchtime on the table and bit a piece of cheese which had obviously started drying out and declared it "gusting" LOL! so the bowl was quickly whisked away while I was PMSL!! It's not the kind of thing you expect a 22 month old to say!

Tomorrow we're making pizzas for tea - wish me luck - and I'm hoping to at least make a card.


Carla said...

I haven't made it into my stamp room yet today either, but it sounds like you had a wonderful day with the kiddos!!

Cath said...

It's difficult when the kids are off school isn't it! Hope you get some crafty time today!