Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm back!!

I'm back after a 10 day break from blogging. My step-Dad had a blackout, was checked at hospital and told nothing wrong then discharged, less than 18 hours later blacked out again, taken in ambulance to a different hospital, checked, blacked out, blacked out again, blacked out and "flatlined" for 20 seconds, emergency temporary pacemaker fitted then proper pacemaker fitted before finally being discharged and now back home. Was a "wee bit" of a worrying time especially as Mum is disabled and lives an hour away from the hospital so between me and my fabulous little brother who came down from Cheshire we managed to keep things as normal as possible, dog-sit and make sure Mum ate. My days since have been spent catching up on things in my own house including shopping, washing and cleaning! I haven't done anything crafty for nearly 2 weeks so I'm hoping to have a play this afternoon along with sorting out some photos from a Dartmoor walk this morning. I have my latest Unity kit sitting uninked!!! Back soon!

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