Thursday, June 11, 2009

School sports days

So Wednesday was Matthew's sports day and today was Jamie's. Jess and I had a great time watching both boys although I wish that it had been held in winter so my hayfever hadn't been so bad LOL! All the kids were kept in their classes but placed in their house teams and made their way around the sports field taking part in the various activities that were set up and earning points for their house.

Matthew's first activity involved using tricycles, which were from the nursery and far too small, to race down the track! Break time with Jess.

Running with a cup of water and emptying it into a container.

Jess enjoying watching Matthew.

The other races included one on spacehoppers, one running while pushing a buggy to grab a cuddly toy and push it back in the buggy and also an obstacle course. Was great fun to watch!!

Now Jamie's sports day today - I didn't get very many photos of Jamie as I was trying to keep hold of Jess!

Jamie waiting for the first activity - dribbling with a hockey stick.

Jamie sharing his drink with Jess.

Resting afterwards!

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