Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recycled Packaging Souvenir

Here is my post from the It's A Creative World blog yesterday:
I recently revisited a beach I often used to go to as a child with my parents but this time I took my own children. I remember long walks on Seaham Beach and always coming home with bags full of polished glass bits picked up from between the pebbles - a lasting reminder of Sunderland's glassmaking history. This time instead of just leaving my glass bits in a bag I wanted some way of displaying them and loved the packaging from my HOTP creative kit:

I started by taking out the cardboard backing and then placing my favourite pieces of glass in the compartments before using other pieces to fill in the gaps. I then made sure that the packaging was stuck securely using Glossy Accents. The next step was using a black permanent pen to colour the plastic before adhering beaded string around the edge. I then added a ribbon and pin embellishment, stickers and the date before tying on a ribbon to enable it to be hung:

I now have a bargain souvenir to hang above my desk and remind me of a great day with the kids.


Boo said...

Oh cool idea there Jo. Are there any jelly beans in there? :D

Christine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your cards and scrapbook pages. You have a wonderful style. I'm totally going to steal the bug-eyed green-eyed monsters on you halloween card! Too funny!

I also love this idea. I don't get to the beach very often but we dont have sea glass anyway. This is a beautiful way to display it.