Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding and Seaham beach

Some photos from last week taken at my cousin's wedding near Durham and then a day later at Seaham beach:
We had a great few days staying with my brother and his lovely girlfriend in Cheshire before heading up to the North-East - the first time I'd been back there in 13 years. Most of my family, cousins, aunts and uncles still live up there and I hadn't seen them for ages so had a fab time seeing (most of) them again although there were a couple missing that I would have loved to have seen.
It was strange going back to Sunderland for the first time without my grandparents living there and even stranger driving past their old house knowing that it was now someone else's. However the trip down memory lane at Seaham beach was great! I used to go for walks there as a child with my Mum, step-Dad and brother and spend ages picking up bits of polished glass from the beach so doing the same with the kids was like sitting in an old comfy chair!! We now have hundreds of bits of glass but I think I've worked out a way to display them that I'll try in the next few days.

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