Wednesday, December 30, 2009

IACW - Resolutions

Here's my post for It's A Creative World today:
So, how many of you have made New Year resolutions? I decided that I'm going to steer clear of the normal everyday resolutions and make some crafty ones instead in the vain hope that I may actually be able to keep them LOL! In 2010 I want to:
  • Complete more than the 87 scrapbook layouts I managed this year (now 88)
  • Complete more than the 94 cards I made this year (now 98)
  • Spend less time on the internet and more time crafting
  • Spend less money on my supplies and use what I already own first
  • Use the textile inspiration kits I bought recently by making some Christmas decorations and textile ATCs
  • Teach myself to crochet
  • Make at least 3 Christmas cards a month so I don't have a last-minute rush next year!
  • Use my scrap paper instead of hoarding it
  • Use my sorely neglected Bind-it-all to make mini-books
  • Finish cataloguing my rubber/clear stamp collection
  • Use some of my vast button collection to make jewellery or fond other projects to use them for
  • Go through the rest of my craft magazines, cut out articles I want to keep and stick them in my inspiration folder
  • Make a start on using the items I bought to alter
  • and finally, visit a Craft Show as I've never managed to get to one yet!!!!

    So how about you? Have you made any crafty resolutions and so you think you'll keep them?

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    Marja said...

    Love your resolutions! In 2009 I had resolved to do 5 Xmas cards a month and I managed none until late Nov when I started and knocked out 46 in time to post out for xmas this year. Way too stressful so I'll have to do the 5 a month in 2010!

    As for other resolutions... I am making none... though I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow. lol!!!