Sunday, June 20, 2010

School sports day

It was the boys' school sports day on Friday so as promised to MIL I'm uploading a few photos here. They both did really well but it was impossible trying to watch them both. Last year was much easier as Matthew was still in the infants while Jamie was in juniors so their days were different...this year they're both juniors so have sports day at the same time. The format was the same again this year..each class started off at an activity andf after finishing moved on to the next one. The activities included netball shooting, a hockey race, welly throwing, obstacle course, spacehopper race and a sack race.
Luckily one of my friends has children in the same classes as mine so we were able to split up and take photos of each others kids...we just need to share the photos now.

Anyway here's Jamie:

and some of Matthew:

And finally.....Jess lining up for the toddlers race!!! I'd told her about it in the morning and didn't think she would do it but as soon as the headmaster announced the race she got up from the rug and made her way down to the track! When the whistle went she didn't run straight away and kept looking at me but then she did eventually go!!

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Sweetieshop said...

Aw - sweet pics! Thanks for sharing :)