Sunday, September 05, 2010

IACW - A wooden bangle

Here's my It's A Creative World post from last week:

I recently found some fabulous wooden bangle blanks ready for decorating and decided that my first one was going to be an inky one:

I started by using a pale green distress ink over the outside and then a darker one:

I then laid Tim Holtz masks over the inked bangle and added more ink over the top. The next step was to add a darker brown ink along the edges and then tiny rhinestones in the middle of the masked flowers:

I think the next blank is going to be decorated with paper but I'm not sure yet LOL!


Poppit said...

Wow Jo - you are soooo creative! What a fab idea! The bangle turned out beautifully! x

Anita said...

how gorgeous! I didn't know you could get clank have made a cracking job