Monday, July 13, 2015

Jess and I........

.......Jess and I love to sit and colour together but unfortunately that means not being able to sit at my desk with my lovely daylight lamp so pencil work and shading is out of the question. We seem to have spent the weekend sat on Jess's bedroom floor colouring which has meant sticking to gel pens and the Faber Castell connector pens so my colouring subject has changed as well as my style.

This first one is from the Dazzling Patterns Colouring Book by Beverley Lawson and is coloured using 5 Faber Castell Connector pens. I love these pens so much - smooth, not scratchy and with a lovely amount of ink every time!

This next one is from the Can't Sleep Colouring Book using metallic and glitter gel pens from The Works and a couple of metallic pencils:

I must admit to finding these really relaxing to do but I'm itching to get back to my pencils!!

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misteejay said...

Lovely colour combos.
The choice of Adult colouring books has expanded so much and there are some really fabulous ones available; aren't there.
Toni xx