Sunday, July 19, 2015

More quick colouring with Jess

Here's a few more quick colouring pages completed on Jess's bedroom floor and not using my lovely pencils *insert sad face here*!

This one above is from an A5 size book by DecoTime and bought from The Range. I used a mix of Sakura Moonlight pens, gel pens from The Works and Stabilo 68.

This one above is also from the same book and uses some of Jess's pencils (Tesco 72 colour set), Stabilo 68 and The Works gel pens.
If anyone is looking for a cheap set of pencils I think these Tesco ones are lovely. They aren't scratchy and go on to the paper quite smoothly.

Finally this one is from The Meditation Colouring book and here I used Faber Castell Connector pens and an Edding silver pen.

I'm hoping that today I get to do some more of my latest from Enchanted Forest (if Jess lets me!).

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